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A Project

Eiffel Group of Companies has come together with the sole intention of creating the healthiest and most beneficial environment possible in every aspect of EIFFEL LIVING. Encircled by world-class amenities, features, and Entertainment Districts, EIFFEL LIVING is going to be a perfect blend of luxurious living. Its innovative plan and architecture are centered on the concept of well-being and sustainability, improving the lives of its residents as well as visitors. This vibrant and smart housing society is going to set new standards of healthy living for everyone.


EIFFEL LIVING is a pioneer in developing integrated communities that have become landmarks in Pakistan. We have transformed the real estate skyline of the capital city Islamabad with top-tier projects MALL OF EIFFEL, THE MID MALL and ROZELA HEIGHTS with our signature styled neighborhoods that offer holistic living, working, and shopping experiences to residents. Pillared by over a decade of experience and a unique approach to designing and planning, we at Eiffel Group of Companies invest deeply in research and development to guarantee that our developments outdo industry benchmarks and redefine design and engineering.

Today, the Eiffel GOC is synonymous with excellence and endeavors to create value for all investors at every step of development through EIFFEL LIVING.

Through the environmental-friendly perceptions of New Urbanism, Eiffel GOC’s focus has been on transforming suburban sprawls of land into well-thought-out communities. Symbolic to our construction, and our developments, our aim has always been to integrate every family into a bigger, more inclusive community that is coming in the shape of EIFFEL LIVING.

Details & Key Features

EIFFEL LIVING features a surfeit of amenities and infrastructures that add vitality and balance to city life. These include lush green areas, parks, first-rate entertainment venues, wide open spaces, high-end shops, and restaurants, as well as a world-class hotel, mosques, community centers, and premium healthcare systems.

Development & Strategy

Our vision captures our commitment not only to a professional, principled and responsible manner but to the essence of real estate success and an entrepreneurial value-embracing approach.

Our mission is to bring world-class projects & services and build sustainable communities to improve lifestyles.